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» writing playlist requested by writeworld (note; this is just a good collection of the music i enjoy listening to whilst writing)
» download (part 1  part 2  part 3)

i. american ★ lana del rey
ii. ashes and wine ★ a fine frenzy
iii. belief ★ gavin degraw 
iv. beyond the sea ★ gavin degraw
v. just a game ★ birdy
vi. end of the road ★ boyz II men
vii. candle in the wind ★ elton john
viii. can’t help falling in love ★ ingrid michaelson
ix. cherry bomb ★ dakota fanning & kristen stewart (the runaways cover)
x. arms ★ christina perri
xi. the scientist ★ coldplay
xii. crimson & clover ★ joan jett & the blackhearts
xiii. death end justice ★ dakota fanning & kristen stewart (the runaways cover)
xiv. catch me ★ demi lovato
xv. vincent (starry, starry night) ★ don mclean
xvi. wake me up ★ ed sheeran
xvii. little bird ★ ed sheeran
xviii. i guess that’s why they call it the blues ★ elton john
xix. something about the way you look tonight ★ elton john
xx. falling slowly ★ kris allen
xxi. 1 2 3 4 ★ feist
xxii. breath of life ★ florence + the machine
xxiv. cosmic love (live on KEXP) ★ florence + the machine
xxv. habanera ★ kate nash
xxvi. have i told you lately ★ rod stewart
xxvii. hazy ★ rosi golan feat. william fitzsimmons
xxviii. hollywood ★ marina & the diamonds
xxix. be ok ★ ingrid michaelson
xxx. the nicest thing ★ kate nash
xxxi. keep breathing ★ ingrid michaelson
xxxii. speechless ★ lady gaga
xxxiii. national anthem ★ lana del rey
xxxiv. summertime sadness ★lana del rey
xxxv. falling in love at a coffee shop ★ landon pigg
xxxvi. use somebody ★ laura jansen
xxxvii. unraveling ★ liz longley
xxxviii. home ★ michael buble
xxxix. moon river (cover of a cover) ★ the honey trees 
xl. my sharona ★ the knack
xli. wonderwall ★ oasis
xlii. truly, madly, deeply ★ one direction
xliii. glitter in the air ★ p!nk
xliv. breath ★ rowan
xlv.  put your hands on me ★ joss stone
xlvi. que sera, sera ★ doris day
xlvii. samson ★ regina spektor
xlviii. the call ★ regina spektor
xlix. indestructible ★ robyn
l. a drop in the ocean ★ ron pope
li. gravity ★ sara bareilles
lii. silence ★ selena cross
liii. stay ★ katie thompson
liv. blackbird ★ the beatles
lv. poison & wine ★ the civil wars
lvi. the fall ★ ane brun
lvii. the heart of life ★ john mayer
lviii. the man who can’t be moved ★ the script
lix. the rose ★ bette midler
lx. where did our love go ★ the supremes
lxi. the wild one ★ suzi quatro
lx. angels ★ the xx
lxi. my favorite things ★ tori amos (sound of music cover)
lxii. xtatic truth (last japan remix) ★ crystal fighters
lxiii. you lost me ★ christina aguilera
lxiv. thinking of me ★ olly murs
lxv. creep ★ ingrid michaelson

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